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We initially started off with good ol' fashion PropHunt, but quickly came to realize that there was more potential for PropHunt rather than just running around and hunting down objects. Our main developer started working on our very own version of the gamemode; with functionality that would suite our needs and bring our ideas to life. This is how PropHuntX was born, using our own unique style of prop rotation, heat-seek abilities that would toggle based on special conditions, and a set of perks that could be obtained while you are on the server. We're always improving our gamemode, and it's something no other community has. We're pretty proud of the things that we've accomplished with PropHuntX, and the amazing people who have been involved with development, and testing it out.


A lot of our initial staff for the network met each other on Sandbox. In fact, most of our hours in Garry's Mod are from Sandbox alone. Our team includes some very talented people that have been creating some very interesting builds which include mixtures of ACF, Wiremod, and E2s. If you've ever wanted to learn how to build, these are the guys that you'd want showing you how things work. Our network includes two different style Sandbox servers; one being a Build/Kill environment which allows for both building and PVP. The other server is a Build-Only setup which is where all of our serious builders go when they want peace and quiet. Come check both out, and see which one you enjoy the most!

The Team

We all started out in 2014 with meeting each other; mostly on the Sandbox gamemode. We quickly came to realize that there was a lot of potential with all of us getting together and creating our own network. The team includes a wide variety of people who have their own talents and bring some major assets to the network as a whole, including web and Lua developers, network administrators, and some very wicked sandbox builders. Our pride comes from the fact that we established a network which involved the entire community coming together and helping one another to get where we are at. We are very active in the Garry's Mod community; and have even released scripts for Garry's Mod that anyone can use on their servers.

Our Team

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